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As a front-end developer, I make digital magic happen. I blend design, technology, and code to create websites that captivate and engage users. My mission is to ensure that your website not only looks great but also functions flawlessly, turning your vision into a captivating online reality..

I'm currently working as a Front End Developer for IBM iX DACH, and I'm truly passionate about ReactJS. My journey in the world of web development started back in 1998, which means I've accumulated over 26 years of experience in this field.

What is ReactJS?

React is a powerful JavaScript library for crafting user interfaces – like the one you're using to read this page! Leveraging a combination of ReactJS and Next.js, it has played a key role in building colossal platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

What truly fascinates me about this library is its ability to empower developers in creating lightning-fast user interfaces for both websites and applications. At the core of React.js lies the concept of the virtual DOM – a tree of JavaScript components. It mirrors the structure of the actual DOM and minimizes the necessary manipulation, ensuring your React components stay up to date while optimizing performance.


Next.js is a flexible ReactJS framework that equips developers with the building blocks required to create rapid web applications.